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Mind Designs International (Pvt) Ltd. is the pioneer in professional Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Applied Psychology and Hypnotherapy based services in Sri Lanka. All members of Mind Designs International are qualified in NLP and other related contemporary disciplines of human potential development. Our trainers have received their training from renowned trainers in Australia and USA. They are passionate, dedicated, and competent in delivering undeniably state of the art, experiential, holistic and transformational training, coaching and therapy.

We also specialize in Reiki, Yoga, Fitness training and Advanced Energy Clearance and Activations, all done with the aim of manifesting our mission of,

"Being an Innovative Thought Leader of the Nation in Creating Sustainable Positive Life Transformation in Every Aspect of Life."

Our Vision is,

"Adding Value to Life"

Our Values are,




"Focus on results"


Our Phylosophy is,

"Change begins within."

We believe that to develop the world, country, society, community, company, and family, the change should happen at the individual level. An individual can create an internal world that represents and reflects the external world. If you always want a peaceful society, you need to be having peaceful thoughts that lead to peaceful actions. The real world you see around you every moment is the internal representation of the world inside you.

Our Value Proposition is,

"Adding Value to Life through a Range of Leading Edge Creative Human Potential Enhancement Solutions."

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Tel: +94 77 0809 815
E-mail: info@nlpsrilanka.com