Exclusive Breakthrough Coaching Program - Online Coaching

Exclusive Breakthrough Coaching Program is our flagship intervention for personal transformation.

Business Owners, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers, and Students have joined the our breakthrough coaching program with great results. We have more than 12 years experience in transforming the lives of people through a 3 step strategy: Enabling, Empowering and Enlightening.

We worked on,

  • Identifying high priority life goals and targets
  • New income sources
  • Dealing with love relationships
  • Dealing with dynamics of the workplace
  • Letting go of past painfully memories
  • Preparing to face important exams
  • Workplace stress
  • And much more

We have noticed tremendous transformations in so many lives. All these coaching interventions are induvial sessions with Chief Trainer and Coach GamakaShri.

Testimonial - Nandun Rathnasekara
When I met GamakaShri, I was facing one of the biggest problems of my life. At the same time, I was preparing for the most important target of my future. I am very good at solving problems, I have helped many people to find solution to their life problems. I was facing a problem I could not solve myself. Because of that I could not make any progress with my target.
I am glad I met GamakaShri. Working with him, I found very good solutions, that I can easily relate to.
What I really like about GamakaShri is that he opened up different dimensions of my current situation that I never thought about.
In my experience the other counselors and coaches try to fit the clients to their person framework and drive them towards a goal as they see fit, not decided by the client.
What I noticed with GamakaShri was that he fully understood my situation, then addressed both my heart and brain and helped me find a solution, instead of giving his solution like other coaches do.
I would highly recommend this Coaching program to anyone who is trying to achieve important life goals but feels stuck. GamakaShri will help you get clarity about what your goals are and what is the best way for you to start achieving it. This is your opportunity to live your life in your own terms, doing what you want to do.

Key Areas of Life.

Focused Coaching Interventions

Breakthrough coaching program can help you to improve your life in,

  • Career, Work Performance, and Promotions
  • Business Development and Finance
  • Health, Well-being, and Stress Management
  • Spiritual growth and Meditation
  • Love, Relationships and Marriage
  • Education, Learning and Qualifications

Testimonial - Imesha Bopagoda
I started coaching program conducted by coach GamakaShri last month when I was at a point of my life where I felt lost. I did not know why I was feeling so unhappy and I did not know how to fix it.
The program helped me to find the roots of my unhappiness. I was able to find how incidents happened in past that had left scars in me and how they were affecting me in many ways I was not even aware.
Coach GamakaShri healed those scars allowing me to have a brand-new start. He taught me new methods & gave me tools to live a happy life. I am so grateful for the program and I thank coach GamakaShri for helping me.

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Structure of the coaching program

This breakthrough coaching program facilitate you to realign your life towards your goals. This is the ideal program for anyone who is serious about their future.

Online Coaching Program Structure
  • Format: Six (6) one-hour coaching sessions to be completed within six weeks.
  • Total Duration: 6 hours
  • Delivery: Online Coaching – Video calls via Skype or Google Duo
  • Fee: USD 575/=

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Methodologies Used

In this program we will be using the most effective tools available in the world for personal transformation.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Meditation
  • Applied Psychology
  • Energy Healing and Clearances (Auric and Karmic Clearances)

Testimonial - Sanduni Wijesooriya
I was heartbroken and angry with everyone. My future looked bleak. This is when I luckily enrolled in the coaching program with GamakaShri.
GamakaShri guided me to find inspiration in myself. Now I have a clear picture of my future and my life. I have started to move forward, and I am excited to achieve my life goals.

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