Why You Should Learn NLP?

Think back to the time when you considered yourself the "average" student in class and feeling that academic success was only for those who had better "brains" or were lucky...

Perhaps you used to watch from the sidelines while your friends excelled in sports or in relationships and thought you just didn't know how to do it.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming tells you that excellence is possible to all and not just a "chosen" few.

NLP is about modeling excellence or learning how to model people and organizations that are already excellent so that you too can achieve the very same success in your life.

What is NLP?

"Neuro" is all about what we think about the information that comes in to our minds through our five senses. It's all about what goes on in our minds about what we see, hear and feel. "Linguistic" is all about what we say, both verbally and non-verbally to ourselves and others. Programming is all about what we do - the habits we have with regard to what we think and what we say.

Following are how "gurus" of NLP have defined it:

  • "NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques" - Richard Bandler
  • "NLP is an accelerated learning strategy for the detection and utilization of patterns in the world." - John Grinder
  • "NLP is an explicit and powerful model of human experience and communication." - Steve Andreas
  • "For me NLP is the psychology of achievement and inter-personal communication." - Chris Howard
  • "NLP provides a set of tools and techniques to help you deal with unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior." - Lindsey Agness
  • "It's a very pragmatic way of dealing with subjective human reality. It's a very expandable, experiential and experimental subject of knowledge about the human mind, its unlimited capacity and how to unleash that unlimited capacity. It is objective and focused towards creating the desired outcome. One can observe any successful person, successful in any area of life and learn NLP principles. In other words, NLP is built upon modeling successful human behaviors. Anyone can relate to NLP. Anyone can experience NLP and anyone can learn NLP for the simple reason that it is very practical and appealing to all 6 senses." - Jayamini Samarathunge

What Separates the Great from Mediocre, the Best Performers from Those Who Lag Behind?

According to NLP, our thoughts, habits and actions are habitual programs that are embedded deeply in our minds. A person who is habitually excellent in any given area has merely programmed his thoughts, habits and actions in a way that produces excellence.

Similarly, a person who is struggling in life has programmed his behaviors to consistently produce harmful results in his life.

What makes NLP unique is the belief that these programs can be changed and changed quickly at any time in order to produce the results we desire.

NLP for Awareness

Learning NLP trains you to be more self-aware and to be more aware of those around you. You learn how you represent your world to yourself and how the words you use affect your mood, feelings and the very outcomes in your life. You learn how the minds of others work by observing their body language and the words they use. Knowing this will help you to understand their world and build better relationships.

What Makes NLP Stand Out?

What sets NLP apart is the speed with which you can achieve results. The techniques taught in NLP help you to overcome in minutes limitations that have held you back for years. For example, perhaps you believe that you are bad at public speaking and this is holding you back from furthering your career. With the NLP technique to change limiting beliefs, within minutes you can break free from this belief and embed a new belief that will help you become a confident speaker.

NLP Lets You be in the Driving Seat of Your Life!

NLP Lets You be in the Driving Seat of Your Life!

NLP also teaches you to take control over your life. It is no longer necessary to be stressed out by exams or looming deadlines. NLP techniques such as State Change teach you how to change your emotional state in an instant thereby helping you cope with life's situations effectively. Perhaps you are a writer who suffers from writer's block. Using these techniques will help you to go in to creative states at will in order to produce the written masterpieces that you dream of. Think of how much more value you can add to this world if you were able to unleash your true potential in this manner.

The possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. Indeed, learning NLP will make you realize that we live in a world where everything is possible. We only need to have the courage to dream and take action.

By Learning NLP You Will:

  • Know how your mind works and be able to use this knowledge to achieve the results you want in life faster. NLP techniques can be applied to help you achieve excellence in any area of life - career, education, relationships, finance, spirituality & personal growth
  • Be able to identify what is important to you in life which leaves you free to focus your energy on the activities that add value to your life
  • Learn how to set goals in a way that compels you to achieve them
  • Know how to be in control of your emotions and go in to empowered states of mind at will
  • Learn how to connect easily, build and maintain healthy relationships with family members, colleagues, friends, bosses and students
  • Learn how to communicate to make yourself understood
  • Be able to identify and break free of patterns that are limiting your effectiveness
  • Learn creative new ways of using your mind to bring out your full potential

How Can You Learn NLP?

You can join NLP Practitioner certification training without prior knowledge about NLP.